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Your Conference Needs a Hub To Entice Customers and Prospects

At a recent conference consultation with a client, a millennial made me think that I wasn’t keeping up with the times. We were discussing their marketing and communication strategies for their event. I voiced my strong opinion that conference organizers should embrace inbound marketing (pull) over traditional outbound marketing (push). I explained that a blog … [Read more…]

Revamping Your Conference Social Media Strategy

Are you bald yet from pulling your hair out dealing with recent social medial platform changes? Or perhaps you’ve spent all afternoon biting your nails wondering how to adapt your conference social media strategy to the platform changes. Social Media Platform Changes Yet Again In the past few months, Facebook has dramatically changed how company … [Read more…]

Three Effective Social Media Strategies

Out:  Using Facebook pages and organization Twitter accounts to solely broadcast newsletters, press releases, announcements and sales. In: Using social media intentionally, integrated with all marketing channels and crossing organizational silos, to engage people. Who do we want to engage? People we already know. People we don’t know. From Loyalty To Acquisition Most social media … [Read more…]