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Small Groups Of Friends Are The Key To Influence Not Swaying Influential People

Finding and using influential people is a myth says social behavior researcher Paul Adams, author of Grouped: How small groups of friends are the key to influence on the social web. According to Adams, the focus on influentials is based on the view of how we want the world to work versus how it actually … [Read more…]

If You Are Not Content Marketing, You Are Not Marketing

Content marketing is the art of communicating with your customer without selling. ~ Junta42.com Content marketing does not pitch products or services. It does not interrupt. Instead, it helps customers become more intelligent. At the heart of content marketing is the belief in reciprocity. If an organization delivers consistent, ongoing valuable information to its customers, … [Read more…]

Three Effective Social Media Strategies

Out:  Using Facebook pages and organization Twitter accounts to solely broadcast newsletters, press releases, announcements and sales. In: Using social media intentionally, integrated with all marketing channels and crossing organizational silos, to engage people. Who do we want to engage? People we already know. People we don’t know. From Loyalty To Acquisition Most social media … [Read more…]

Death At The Disco: Positioning Strategies Out, Customer-Driven In

Marketing’s positioning strategies died when disco was king. It’s stuck in a bad hair day of a 1970s time warp. It’s like a man trying to wear platform shoes, a silk print shirt, gold chains and a tacky polyester leisure suit to a job interview today. It’s just not right. Many of marketing’s truisms of … [Read more…]