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Conference Connexity: Deliver Your Networking Promise Webinar September 9

We spend the majority of our day in front of screens and media (digital, print & TV) says eMarketer. No wonder we are starved for face to face interactions! Your organization can help satisfy our cravings for community and connections by delivering conference experiences that foster connexity. Connexity is more than speed networking. It is … [Read more…]

Impotent Conferences Are Powerless To Influence Forward Movement

Imagine a radio station that played adult contemporary, classical, country, dance, electronic, golden oldies, heavy metal, news, pop, R&B, rock, southern gospel and talk alternating between each. What if this commercial radio station tried to appeal to everyone’s musical taste as well as news and talk radio? How successful would it be? It wouldn’t work, … [Read more…]

Treating Attendees As Human Beings Not Machines

Creating a conference culture of connection is a robust competitive advantage. One of the most powerful and often misunderstood aspects of successful conferences is authentically connecting with others. Too often our conference networking experiences disintegrate into ego driven, self-promotional, self-exploiting opportunities. It is irrational not to intentionally create conference experiences that nurture and promote authentic … [Read more…]

Want To Help Your Attendees? Stop Calling It Networking!

Attendees value the connections they make at your conference. It’s one of their most treasured intangible benefits of attendance. They come to your event looking for their people. They meet many of your attendees at receptions, meals, sessions and in the hallways. Unfortunately, many of those introductions are nothing more than empty interactions. They don’t … [Read more…]

NetWORTHing: The New Way to Network At Conferences

Have you ever been a victim of a network drive-by at a conference? Violated by someone who only talks to you if they think you can do something for them? The whole time they’ve got one eye searching for a more influential target to move to. Everyone has been burned by someone who in the … [Read more…]

Fostering Planned Serendipity At Conferences

Some people call it luck. Others call it fate. Whatever we call it, serendipity is a wonderful thing. We’ve all experienced it at a conference. That happy accident or surprising discovery when you sit next to someone at a session who deals with the same work challenges as you. This new serendipitous connection introduces you … [Read more…]

You Need To Invest In This Primary Career Insurance Policy: Your Network

When do you need a personal, social network the most? Think about that for a moment. When is your network of business professionals the most valuable to you? When you need a new job. Right?! That’s when most of us turn to our network of professional colleagues. The Dumped CEO Sitting across my desk was … [Read more…]

Steal And Adapt These Double Gulp-Worthy Ideas For Your Next Conference

Most conference organizers and event professionals are always looking for the next great idea. I’ve recently come across several set-off-the-fireworks awesome event ideas. Consider borrowing them. And if you do steal them, make sure that you understand the principles underneath the issues they address. As well as how to adapt them to your context. Or … [Read more…]

Why Your Conference Should Adopt The Healthy Family Metaphor

Did your parents expect you to eventually get a job and your own place to live? Mine did. Did they spend their entire lives loving you, teaching you and training you to eventually make your own decisions? Mine did. Sure, my parents didn’t want me to move across the globe and never see them again. … [Read more…]

Defrosting New Conference Connections

“It was awkward and painful,” my friend said. That’s how she described attending a professional meeting where she didn’t know anyone. She was at a loss for how to melt the ice and warm up to others. Especially professionals she perceived to have more experience and knowledge than her. Sound familiar? Here was someone who … [Read more…]