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Digital & Virtual Event Technologies Defined

No doubt you’ve started investigating the dizzying array of digital solutions for your event: content-capture, hybrid, live stream, on-demand, Skype, videoconferencing, virtual, webinar, 2D, 3D. It can be perplexing. Especially when you are used to planning face-to-face events. Often people confuse terms and technologies. We have yet to adopt a standardized vocabulary for this emerging … [Read more…]

Virtual Events Coming Out Party 2010 [Infographic]

2010 was the coming out party for Virtual Events. What was once viewed upon skeptically by meeting planners, trade show organizers, event marketers, and marketers is quickly becoming an integral part of one’s event and marketing strategies. The Virtual Edge Institute compiled 2010 surveys and created this Infographic as a resource for those considering going … [Read more…]

Toto, I Don’t Think We Are In The Meeting Venue Anymore

7 Tips For Successful Live Streaming Events This article was written (well, ghostwritten by me in collaboration with Dave Lutz) for Dave’s People & Processes column in PCMA’s September edition of Convene.  Recently we looked at the logistics needed for a successful hybrid event. That live streaming cheat sheet addressed the five types of hybrid events, … [Read more…]

Baseball, Children’s Counting Rhymes And Virtual Events

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe Face-To-Face or Virtual Go My mother told me To pick the very best one And you are [not] it. Often when meeting professionals consider whether to offer a face-to-face or virtual event, they feel as if the choice is best made by using a children’s counting rhyme. You know… Pizza, pizza, … [Read more…]