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Delivering Community And Connections at Conferences

Does your conference have connexity? Not sure what that means? Or even if your conference has it? Well, the success of your face-to-face meetings depends on it! Connexity Happens When… Connexity happens when community and connecting collide! In a good way of course. Your attendees crave these two things: They want to connect with others … [Read more…]

Social Media And Events: Listening, Pre-Conference Chats And Community Managers

Are you using social media as a push or pull strategy for your event? Are you trying to force traditional marketing strategies into the social media funnel? Author Jonathan Fields discusses ways to use social media for your next conference or event beyond the traditional social media marketing strategies. Video edited from PCMA’s Convening Leaders … [Read more…]

NASA Is Looking For Signs Of Life…At Your Conference

The National Adult Survival Association (NASA) has decided to send the next generation of land rovers to your annual meeting. These rovers have more robust and hyper-sensitive life detecting systems than the traditional conference evaluation smile sheets.  NASA is looking for signs of life…at your conference. NASA’s researchers have documented that your conference had life … [Read more…]