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Using Five Eyes To Improve Online Community Engagement

You may be familiar with the five eyes of Buddhism: human eye, divine eye, wisdom eye, dharma eye and the omniscient eye (or Buddha eye). So how familiar are you with the five eyes of online discussions? The Five Eyes Of Online Discussions Think of the following five strategies as different entry points to start … [Read more…]

Social Media And Events: Listening, Pre-Conference Chats And Community Managers

Are you using social media as a push or pull strategy for your event? Are you trying to force traditional marketing strategies into the social media funnel? Author Jonathan Fields discusses ways to use social media for your next conference or event beyond the traditional social media marketing strategies. Video edited from PCMA’s Convening Leaders … [Read more…]

We Need a Little Community, Right This Very Minute!

Your organization is no longer the only game in town. Unless your business has golden handcuffs like certification, you’re probably having a challenge with retention and attracting new members. Your business needs an effective strategy to increase value and grow loyalty. The most urgent and critical opportunity for membership organizations to increase value and grow … [Read more…]

Community Management: Emotional Triangles, Accusers And Direct Dealing

It’s time to throw the yellow flag on an unprofessional and inappropriate behavior. Imagine the following scenario. You are part of an online community of professionals. One of your eCommunity colleagues comes to you and has a problem with another person. Do you become part of the problem or part of the solution? What do … [Read more…]