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Start Your Conference Improvement Process With Enrollment

As conference organizers, we frequently ignore the evidence all around us of what’s working and what’s not. That evidence is everywhere. It’s just that we don’t know what to do with it once we have it. Often our conference planning teams and volunteer advisors follow our lead as we give more precedent to what feels … [Read more…]

Transition Becomes Your New Conference Threshold

What’s your favorite room in your home? I have two: my front porch with its porch swing and my master suite that looks out into my backyard. I cross the thresholds of those spaces daily without much thought. We rarely think about thresholds. Yet, we spend a lot of time traversing them—both literally and figuratively. … [Read more…]

Steps To Minimize And Prevent Your Conference Organizational Debt

To be successful in the 21st Century, we have to become comfortable with ambiguity and contradiction. We must learn to reframe our questions and rise above conventional mental models. We have to embrace experimentation and try new things. We have to adopt strategies that encourage us to abandon ingrained, comfortable ideas and employ new ones … [Read more…]

You’re Paying Too Much Interest On Your Conference Organizational Debt

Most organizations pay for it without knowing it. What is it? Conference organizational debt. Your conference organizational debt includes the static roles, traditional structures, outdated models, long-established practices, antiquated procedures and legacy policies that prevent your organization from adapting to evolving markets, technology and society. Your conference pays the interest on this debt in the … [Read more…]

20 Ways to Modernize an Annual Meeting – Part 1

Most annual meetings have used the same template agenda for decades. They just replace the filling each year. If you want to breathe new life into your conference, and increase relevance for next-generation attendees, start with this kill/change list. Part two of this series will include the remainder of the list. 1. Annual Business Meeting … [Read more…]

Grow Your Conference By Becoming An Attendee Action Hero

You don’t have to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Nor do you have to fly at the speed of light to respond to a conference crisis. Nor do you have to use your special hidden super powers to meet your attendees’ expectations. Instead, it’s more about reliability than heroics. It’s about creating a … [Read more…]

Your Conference Renewal Begins With Wondering

Where does true conference improvement begin? The conference revitalization process is probably very different than many of your past experiences. It’s so different that we have to view it through new lenses. By taking charge of your own understanding of conference improvement and transformation, you begin a new journey. You are exploring uncharted territory. You … [Read more…]

Triple Loop Learning, The Loop Of Doom And Conference Transformation

Are you really, really good at what you do? Sure you are. You’ve probably mastered your discipline and expertise. You may even be one of the best conference organizers in the world. Meetings And Conference Success Those meeting professionals that are almost always successful at their work rarely experience failure. And those that have rarely … [Read more…]

Implementing Double Loop Learning For Conference Improvement

Most professionals, like you, are really good at single loop learning. We have a mental map that we use for conference improvement. We follow standard, prescribed routines to solve typical conference problems. That’s single loop learning. (BTW, single and double loop learning applies to any type of organizational improvement. I’m applying it to conference improvements.) … [Read more…]

Post-Conference Debrief Tips To Improve The Conference Experience

The closing keynote was a big hit. Attendees head home. Your team has worked tirelessly for weeks. And they delivered beyond your expectations. You would love to get packed quickly. You know everyone on your teams deserves some time off now. Gathering The Team For One Final Meeting You think, “If I can just gather … [Read more…]