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20+ Tradeshow Trends For 2014 And Beyond

The events, exhibitions and meetings industry continues to evolve as it faces global changes and disruptive innovation. Here are 20+ tradeshow trends for exhibitors and show managers. 20+ Tradeshow Trends For 2014 & Beyond from Jeff Hurt View this the 20+ Tradeshow Trends for 2014 & Beyond in your own broswer . What trends would … [Read more…]

Calculating ROI For Your Tradeshow Booth

Was exhibiting at that tradeshow worth your time and resources? How would you know? In today’s world where so much business is conducted on the phone or digitally, meeting customers, prospects and other stakeholder face-to-face is extremely important. At the same time, you want to effectively keep your costs down and use your time and … [Read more…]

Hosted Buyer Programs: Industry Silver Bullets Or Resurgence Of Timeshare Like Scams

You sit down to dinner with your family. Within moments of your first bite, the phone rings. All eyes land on you. Will you answer it or screen the call? You decide to answer the phone and are greeted by a cheerful voice shouting, “Congratulations, you’ve just won a free all-expenses paid trip for three … [Read more…]

When Conference And Tradeshow Websites Fail

This post is written by Dave Lutz and was influenced by his recent experience preparing for conferences including ASAE’s 2010 Annual Meeting in Los Angeles, CA. Conference and show Websites need better user experience. “More cowbell” wouldn’t hurt either! In my consulting biz, I look at a lot of major conference and trade show Web … [Read more…]

5 Reasons To Increase Your Online Exhibitor Presence

This post is by Dave Lutz, Managing Director of Velvet Chainsaw Consulting. Recently, I reviewed some very telling analytics from several of the largest tradeshows. Here’s what I learned: Exhibitors that completed an online booth profile received twice as many page views as those that didn’t. Attendees also bookmarked them for an onsite visit. Exhibitors … [Read more…]

Where’s Waldo The Supplier?

Imagine the typical conference scene depicting hundreds of people at a convention center doing a variety of interesting meeting and tradeshow things. Now consider this image is a hand drawn double page spread in large children’s book. Your task as the reader is to find Waldo, the supplier and exhibitor, at the event hidden in … [Read more…]

Exhibitors Dissatisfied With Current Convention Housing Practices: Serious Problem Or Major Opportunity

By Dave Lutz, Managing Director, Velvet Chainsaw Consulting Last week Expo Magazine Insights newsletter linked to a Trade Show Exhibitor Association (TSEA) exhibitor housing survey. The survey’s key findings are: 8% of exhibitors believe shows have fair convention housing practices. 69% of exhibitors book their hotel rooms through show convention housing bureaus. 89% of exhibitors … [Read more…]