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Sponsorship Needs to Be More Than Banners and Clings

Sponsorship is the most powerful form of marketing. When done well, it can change participants’ attitudes and behaviors about a brand. Banners, ads, signs and enhanced listings shouldn’t be lumped into the same category — they don’t make that emotional connection. Recently I’ve received invitations to attend webinars and download industry research reports and articles … [Read more…]

How Much Do Sellers and Buyers Trust Our Tradeshow Environments?

The most glaring reality I’ve pointed to previously in this space — that three out of four B2B buyers conduct the majority of their research before talking to a salesperson — greatly affects the sustainability of the tradeshow business model.  That, and the others explored in the five realities of today’s B2B buyer post, and … [Read more…]

These Factors Contribute To Your Exposition’s Health

Tradeshows have just experienced the highest quarterly increase in eight years says the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR). The Q1 2015 CEIR Index report marks the 19th consecutive quarter of year-on-year growth in the exhibitions arena. Revenue jumped 7.3 percent, net square feet grew 4.1 percent, exhibitor numbers increased 3.3 percent, and attendance grew … [Read more…]

Could Old School Exhibitors Damage Your Expo Brand?

I just Googled “Trade Show Sales Tips” and retrieved 2+ million results. No big surprise, as hardly a week goes by without spotting articles like these. Unfortunately, the people who need to read these articles never do. Does Acceptance Of All Exhibitors Come At A Cost? Some expo floors are run like well-oiled machines, where every … [Read more…]

Priority Points, On-Site Booth Sales And The NFL Draft

A couple of weeks ago, Kevin Johnstone, director of Tradeshows at the National Association of Music Manufacturers, started a LinkedIn discussion about priority point programs and on-site booth sales. Tom Corcoran, Owner of Corcoran Expositions, Inc. , added my favorite reply to the thread. “Two benefits to holding your space pick for next year on,-site, … [Read more…]

Where’s Waldo The Supplier?

Imagine the typical conference scene depicting hundreds of people at a convention center doing a variety of interesting meeting and tradeshow things. Now consider this image is a hand drawn double page spread in large children’s book. Your task as the reader is to find Waldo, the supplier and exhibitor, at the event hidden in … [Read more…]