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Millennials Favor Texting, Do Not Value Email

Did you know that texting is the number one form of writing today among Millennials? Some may guffaw at the thought of texting as a form of writing. Purists scream that young people today don’t know how to write, spell or use proper forms of grammar. Texting Is Writing Says Research Michigan State University Writing … [Read more…]

Wireless Technology Is Changing Our Lives [Infographic]

  To better understand attitudes about mass mobility, TIME, in cooperation with Qualcomm, surveyed 4,700 people online and 300 by phone in eight countries, from June 29 to July 28. Here are some of the findings. Read more. Click infographic to view a larger image. What strikes you the most from this infographic? How has … [Read more…]

10 Reasons Why Your Organization Needs A Mobile Site [Infographic]

Consider your own mobile device habits. Much of your web surfing, online purchasing and information sharing routines have changed. A large portion occurs from your smartphone or tablet. Here are 10 reasons why your organization needs a mobile site. 10 Reasons Why You Need a Mobile Site Infographic by AD:60 How is your organization tracking … [Read more…]

Mobile Technology Has Drastically Changed Travel Forever [Infographic]

  It’s doubtful that in 1903 the Wright Brothers had any idea of what travel would become in the future. The Internet has revolutionized travel. Our mobile devices have influenced and changed our travel habits drastically. How we choose hotels, book flights, source destinations, get recommendations from other world travelers and find local hot spots … [Read more…]

Are Business Travelers Too Addicted To Technology? [Infographic]

  According to PC Housing stats, smartphones and tablets are slowly placing themselves in between water and food as top necessities for business travelers. It makes sense. Being on the road is simply made easier and more manageable by these tools that allow us to stay connected. Yet are these mobile devices taking up too … [Read more…]