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Top Trends for Your Event’s Social Influencer Campaign

The great resignation, coupled by increases in unsubscribes, have made it more difficult than ever to reach the inbox of potential attendees and conference participants. The events community can learn a lot from the B2C social landscape as we navigate the ins and outs of best practices and trends for moving fence-sitters to paying registrants. … [Read more…]

Three Marketing Flubs That Cause Conference YES Decision Skids

Your email marketing blast generated plenty of clicks. But the registration needle hardly moved. What’s up with that? Conference Registration Frustrations For every smooth registration journey, there are many other frustrating moments that cause people to bail. You worked hard to earn that maybe click. Now they’re skidding and losing interest. Three Marketing Roadblocks Here … [Read more…]

Four Primary Reasons People Will Not Register For Your Event

Your supervisor walks into your office and closes the door. She sits down and says, “We’ve set a new goal for you for our annual meeting. We need an increase of 10% in full registrations.” “As the point person for our meetings and events, you need to make this happen,” she exclaims as she exits … [Read more…]

Increasing Conference Customers Through Social Media, Reach And Yield

Where do new conference customers come from? Do you know the cost of acquiring your next customer? Those are the magic questions many conference organizers want answered. Incorporating The FRY Method Author Olivier Blanchard talks about using the FRY method with social media to increase customers in his book Social Media ROI. The FRY Method … [Read more…]

Using Social Media And The FRY Method To Increase Event Registrations

“It’s all just a numbers game. There’s not a secret to increasing event registration. You just sell more,” says your boss. “You want to increase your sales? Just talk to more people. Pick up the phone and call more potential attendees. Send out more emails. Create more direct mail marketing pieces. Get more eyeballs. That’s … [Read more…]