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Helping Smart Planning Teams Learn So That Their Conferences Prosper

As conference organizers aspire to succeed in tougher and progressively more complex environments, they’ve got to resolve one basic and major quandary: Success today depends upon learning. We can’t continue to do what we’ve always done and expect different results. We’ve got to learn new ways “to conference,” so to speak. Success today depends upon … [Read more…]

Revamping Your Strategic Brain To Be A Rock Solid Leader

The challenge you face as a conference organizer or meeting planner is taking on the role of being a ridiculously in charge rock solid leader. Or not! You can decide to be a meetings’ transactional order taker and fulfiller. You may decide that’s all you want to do for the rest of your life. Or … [Read more…]

What You Are Doing Today Probably Will Not Drive Your Long Term Conference Growth

Most conference strategy is stuck! It’s stuck in strategic thinking based on ideas and frameworks designed for a different era. Our current conference growth strategy is out of context with today’s dramatic accelerated pace of change. We have taken for granted a set of growth strategy assumptions that served us in the past. But they … [Read more…]

From Details To Strategy: How Meeting Planners Can Change Their Filters To View New Success

Many meeting planners feel that the conference experience and content is not their job. They are responsible for the logistics and details, not the attendees’ overall experience. That’s where those meeting planners are wrong! If Meeting Planners Cannot… If a meeting planner cannot focus on the big picture and goals of the event, then all … [Read more…]

Three Winning Strategies To Convert Organizational Intentions Into Action

Good intentions don’t move mountains. Bulldozers do. You’ve probably heard that old saying. There’s great truth to it. The Mission And The Plan For many organizations, the mission and the plan–if that’s all there is–are nothing more than good intentions. Many leaders spend great time and resources helping their teams plan for the future. Afterwards, … [Read more…]

Are You A Glorified Scheduler Or Strategic Meeting Professional?

As a conference organizer, are you focused on checking off your daily to do list or focused on fulfilling your participants’ needs? When you focus only on completing your task, you deliver what’s required. But not what’s expected. You follow the standard operating procedure precisely. And yet you miss the point completely. You comply with … [Read more…]

Nine Ground Rules To Adopt During Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning: those two words can cause groans, sighs and rolling eyes. Some run screaming from the room when they discover it’s strategic planning time! Nine Strategic Planning Ground Rules Regardless your thoughts about strategic planning, here are nine ground rules to help your team maneuver the minefields and complex paths. Establishing these ground rules … [Read more…]

Four Keys To Social Media Strategy Success

Like a crow drawn to bright, shiny objects, many organizations are drawn to the bells and whistles of new social technologies. Few think about their goals when using those social technologies. Few create an action plan to achieve an overall objective. Few align the use of those tools with their current plans. Often organizational leaders need … [Read more…]