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Your Conference Content Has Magnetic Pull

Content marketing has grown by leaps and bounds during the past five years. Unfortunately, too few event organizers fully embrace the long-tail, pull benefits of content marketing. Likewise, many conference professionals have no idea what embracing the long-tail, pull benefits of content marketing even means. It’s a foreign concept to them. Most marketing and communications … [Read more…]

Ninja Moves for Improved Conference Session Marketing

Better session copy helps put butts in seats! As conference education trumps the exhibit hall experience at many association meetings, or creeps into your trade show experience to create a solutions-driven, holistic experience for your attendees, upping your game with session titles, descriptions, and learning objectives has become more important than ever. In 2013, we … [Read more…]

Betsy Bair Joins Velvet Chainsaw

VCC is excited to welcome Betsy Bair, Vice President, Strategic Narratives to the Velvet Chainsaw Consulting team! To better resonate with target attendees, most of our clients are embracing new and more agile attendance acquisition and communication strategies. Betsy’s vast expertise in content and digital marketing will improve our ability to help conference organizers engage … [Read more…]

Beguile Potential Conference Attendees

Want to spike your conference registration? Try an emotional call to action. It captivates fence sitters and potential first timers. The only reason anyone does anything is to change the way they feel, says Tony Robbins. With the right emotional call to action, you can help potential attendees begin to experience those feelings right now. … [Read more…]

Use Social Proof to Increase Conference Registrations

Most of us don’t read emails from people we don’t recognize. We may skim the contents, but most of the time we just do the quick delete. Unless there’s something that makes us look twice. So imagine you’re catching up on email, you see one from an unknown conference trying to convince you to purchase. … [Read more…]

Enabling Influence Trumps Spraying and Praying

List buys and promotional email blasts rarely convince and convert the attendees you want for your conference or trade show. Today, you need to earn the privilege to be seen in a professional’s email inbox. Attendance acquisition has shifted forever from push to pull marketing. While you want to be in it for the long-run…earning … [Read more…]