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Save These Dates: On Designing Next Generation Conference Education

Mark your calendars! May 11 and 25, 2-3 pm ET for a two-fer webinar series. It’s two great education sessions for the price of one…oops I mean for the price of free hosted by KRM. Part I – May 11, 2-3 pm ET I will present: Designing Next-Generation Conference Education Sessions: Creating an Environment for … [Read more…]

Stomaching Long Conference Lectures Is Out! Active Attendee Participation is In!

14 Presentation Techniques That Encourage Maximum Learning, Participation And Memory Retention Today, many conference attendees will no longer tolerate the same old lectures, the conference committee’s poorly-planned-everything-for-everyone-panel or sessions that have no real meaning to their work. Younger generations will not endure classes that could have been learned at their desks in 30 minutes and … [Read more…]

Eight Conference Presentation Myths That Hamstring Attendees’ Learning

Most conference organizers see attendees as consumers of the conference’s content and experience. Little thought is given to seeing attendees as active participants in their own learning and experience. Here are eight conference presentation myths that hamstring most attendees’ learning that conference organizers should avoid. Myth 1: There is one single educational approach such as a … [Read more…]

Are You Providing A Homogenized Or Personalized Conference Experience?

Walk into most annual conference sessions and what do you see? What do you hear? You’ll probably hear and see the same thing in each room. One voice talking at a time. A speaker or panelist at the front of the room talking to a group of attendees. The attendees are sitting theater style facing … [Read more…]

14 Adult Learning Principles To Combat The Conference Learning Crisis

Leaving no conference attendee brain behind. It’s the new motto of the 21st century conference organizer…that is, if you want to get them back next year. It’s time for associations and corporations to address the root cause of the conference learning crisis: a limited understanding of successful adult learning. Andragogy – How Adults Learn Malcolm … [Read more…]

Emotional Connection, Brand Loyalty & Cinemas: The Art Of Storytelling

A little over four years ago, I left the C-suite to begin the next chapter in my life. During my first few months, I had the opportunity to do some serious soul searching and self discovery. Like many of you, I have a passion for learning. I initially focused much of my reading around increasing … [Read more…]

The American Idol Strategy Of Picking Conference Speakers

America has a love-hate-relationship with American Idol. We boo the negative naysayer and painfully honest founder and judge Simon Cowell. Although we often secretly agree with what he has to say. We applaud the effervescent Ellen DeGeneres when she says she likes a finalist and compares them to an unripe banana. Although we know she … [Read more…]

13 Things You Can Do Now To Improve Your Conference Content

Imagine you are going to hear Martin Luther King’s memorable “I’ve Got A Dream” speech for the first time, live and in person. You grab your time machine manual and follow its instructions. You step into your time machine and set the location for the steps of the Lincoln Monument and the date for August … [Read more…]

Baseball, Children’s Counting Rhymes And Virtual Events

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe Face-To-Face or Virtual Go My mother told me To pick the very best one And you are [not] it. Often when meeting professionals consider whether to offer a face-to-face or virtual event, they feel as if the choice is best made by using a children’s counting rhyme. You know… Pizza, pizza, … [Read more…]