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Social Media And Events Continue To Grow: 2012 Research

Marketers still place a high value on social media. 83% of marketers surveyed by Social Media Examiner indicate that social media is important to their business. 73% of event organizers surveyed by Amiando indicate that social media is important to their conferences, events and meetings. Clearly social media is a fad that’s gone rad and … [Read more…]

Comparing Users Activities On Social Networking Sites

  It’s sometimes tough to keep up with the daily growing user numbers of many social networks. How many people are on Facebook now? And how many users does Pinterest have? What about the number of women on Twitter? This infographic from Go-Gulf.com shares the latest facts and figures about the users of the top … [Read more…]

The Social Media Cheat Sheet [Infographic]

  Like the telephone and email, social media is not going away. It’s not going to implode, explode or just die. It’s a communication tool that will be around for a long time. People use social media for personal and business reasons. They use it for entertainment, to learn, to network and to source products … [Read more…]

Increasing Social Media Engagement Increases ROI

Engagement: It’s been the buzzword de jour. So what exactly is engagement in social media and why is it important? Parta Dialogue’s white paper Engagement Is Efficiency explains the importance of engagement to social media ROI in Google and Facebook. What Is Engagement? According to a 2007 Forrester marketing report, “Engagement is the level of … [Read more…]

15 Tips For More Effective Google Searches

Search makes it possible to survive and thrive in today’s information age. Search has changed the way we store, retrieve and use information. Mastering the art of search is critical. Today, Search Has Become As Essential As Oxygen. Today’s successful organizations know that search is a cornerstone to their achievement. We don’t need to spend … [Read more…]