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Move From Broadcast To Social Engagement With Your Facebook Page

Most organizations are using their Facebook page to broadcast information versus using it for two-way communications. Missing the Mark With Broadcast Marketing Only They are missing the mark. They are doing all the talking. They come across as arrogant, egotistical and self-serving. They don’t focus on their customers. They focus on themselves. These organizations are … [Read more…]

Nine Key Principles For Association Success

Is the association business climate keeping up with increasing speed of change? The association C-Suite, along with their Board of Directors, continue their traditional plans for the future as if nothing has changed. Unfortunately, their conventional planning methods cannot cope with so much uncertainty. Living In Snow Globes Disruptive innovation usually forces unexpected chains of … [Read more…]

Does Your Association Need Ritalin For Organizational ADD?

A student said to Zen Master Ichu, “Please write something of great wisdom for me.” Master Ichu picked up a brush and wrote one word: “Attention!” The student said, “Is that all?” The master wrote, “Attention. Attention.” The student became irritable. “That doesn’t seem profound or subtle to me.” In response Master Ichu wrote, “Attention. … [Read more…]

Seven Association Stakeholder Principles For 21st Century Success

Collaboration and stakeholders. Two words that strike fear in many association executive hearts. Yet, most associations were built on the foundation of involving all members, giving all members a voice and a vote, and allowing all stakeholders an opportunity to collaborate. Seven Stakeholder Association Principles For 21st Century Success Here are seven stakeholder association principles … [Read more…]

Seven New Association Attitudes For 21st Century Success

TTWWADI (pronounced Twadee). “That’s the way we’ve always done it!” It’s probably the number one excuse used by association professionals to keep programs, services and processes average or status quo. It is heard in association board rooms and offices around the world. It is a major symptom of complacency that can eventually lead to collapse. … [Read more…]

10 Ways To Ensure Your Nonprofit Volunteers Fail

As a former nonprofit employee and a volunteer leader, I’ve made many mistakes when it comes to volunteers. Here are a few I’ve learned the hard way, either through my own leadership missteps or from serving as a volunteer board member, committee chair or volunteer at large. 1. Don’t think about each volunteer individually. Don’t … [Read more…]

Three 2010 Association Mega Trends

Here is the PowerPoint that Dave and I developed for a nonprofit association strategic planning session recently. You’ll notice three overarching mega trends and 15 trends overall. Association trends2010final View more presentations from Jeff Hurt. What trends would you add to this PowerPoint presentation? What’s your experience with some of these trends?

How Nonprofit Orgs Can Find Focus With Social Media In A 24-7 Networked Environment

While nonprofit associations have to focus on results, it seems that the demands of managing an organization never stop. Your members communicate with each other around the clock, and you feel you have to stay on top of all those conversations in addition to everything else on your list. Can you find time for Twitter, … [Read more…]

Breaking Down Association Silos And Playing To Win

Formerly titled Playing To Win, 2009 Edition Belonging to your association and attending your live events are no longer the only ways for your members to build their network or receive just-in-time education. How will you continue to meet their needs? By breaking your staff out of their silos and making sure they share the … [Read more…]

Don’t Get Caught With Your Social Pants Down. Six Considerations For The Social Conference.

Traditional conferences versus social conferences. Which will you plan this year? Not sure about the “Social Conference?” Read this post on “Screw Your Event Resolutions. Do You Conference Social?” Here are six things to consider when planning the Social Conference so you don’t get caught with your social pants down. 1. In this new information landscape, … [Read more…]