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How Twitter Is Socializing Conferences

Have you noticed an emerging trend of Twitter and Facebook integrating with TV? Smartphones and tablets are now on coffee tables beside the TV remote. Nielsen says that 40% of television watchers are multiscreening everyday. These couch potatoes have a TV remote in one hand and their mobile device in the other! Why? One-third of … [Read more…]

Using Social Media To Generate Conference Attendee Registration

“This year we are going to start engaging with more people via social media,” your boss says at the staff meeting. “We’re going to have a conference blog, a Twitter feed, a conference Facebook page and a Linkedin event. And I need each of you to contribute some weekly content.” Hearts drop. Eyes roll. Some … [Read more…]

Top Seven Conference Functions Easily Leveraged By Social Media

Your conference’s social media presence is worthless unless you do something with it. It isn’t enough to have a conference blog, an event Facebook page, a conference YouTube channel, an event Twitter profile, a LinkedIn event or a multiplicity of other outposts in social media. Ok, perhaps it’s better than not having a presence at … [Read more…]

Why Your Event Needs To Increase Its Social Media Monitoring

The majority of conference and event organizers are not monitoring social media. Are you? According to a 2011 Social Media & Events Report released by amaindo, more than 60% of event organizers do not use social media to listen, connect and collect data about their customers and potential customers. Event organizers are overlooking a lot … [Read more…]

Report: Events Have Room To Grow Their Social Media Use

67% of event organizers do not monitor social media platforms. 37% of conference organizers only post up to three times per week in social media platforms. 76% of German event organizers see social media as an important or very important tool for marketing their events. 81% of English speaking event organizers see social media use … [Read more…]

How Your Fear Of Social Media Can Lead To Death In 10 Steps

Your fear of using social media may actually be due to your fear of death. Sound preposterous? Way off base? Absurd? Laughable? That’s not what Dr. Travis Kemp, one of Australia’s leading performance psychologists and leadership development facilitators thinks. Fear Is The Barrier Humans are bad at assessing risk. We let our personal fears guide … [Read more…]

5 Social Media Practices You Should Not Do

I’ve been doing quite a bit of spying lately, in search of social media best practices among organizations. While there’s some good stuff out there, the social landscape is littered with examples of what not to do. If your social media initiatives are not yielding proof of engagement — sharing, comments, likes, and/or click-throughs — … [Read more…]

10 Questions To Jump-Start Your Event Social Media Audit

Let’s face it. Social media does not usually provide the instant gratification of a dopamine lollypop. Take a lick. Get a buzz. It takes time, intention and ultimately a plan. The Social Audit So perhaps you’ve stuck your Twitter thumb and Facebook fingers into the social stream. Now you wonder what is and isn’t working. … [Read more…]

How To Address Five Common Excuses On Why Not To Use Social Media

Why we should use social media is only half of the battle. Here’s how to address the why we shouldn’t do it. Five Organizational Excuses For Not Using Social Media 1. What if people start saying bad things about us? Guess what, some already are. We just don’t know it. We are not listening for … [Read more…]

Four Keys To Social Media Strategy Success

Like a crow drawn to bright, shiny objects, many organizations are drawn to the bells and whistles of new social technologies. Few think about their goals when using those social technologies. Few create an action plan to achieve an overall objective. Few align the use of those tools with their current plans. Often organizational leaders need … [Read more…]