The Wrong Way To Approach Conference Sponsorship

Wrong-way 2014.06.04 byScottWebb

Logos hanging from the ceiling at the tradeshow. Ads covering windows, elevator doors and escalator ramps. Symbols, signs and emblems stuck to the floor, carpet and wrapping columns. Logos on lanyards, room keys and conference bags. All of these are the traditional ways conferences approach sponsorship. And the majority of them have little value or ROI. Most of them are the wrong way to approach conference sponsorship today. Sponsorship Disruption Through Experiential … [Read more...]

Delivering Community And Connections at Conferences

Photo by Steve Pate-Newberry, SPN Photography

Does your conference have connexity? Not sure what that means? Or even if your conference has it? Well, the success of your face-to-face meetings depends on it! Connexity Happens When… Connexity happens when community and connecting collide! In a good way of course. Your attendees crave these two things: They want to connect with others (and learn from and with each other). And they want to belong to a community. When you blend connecting with community you create … [Read more...]

The Function Of Content Changes In Revolutionary Conferences

2013.10.18_Genetics Exhibit, San Jose Tech

Conference organizers strong commitment to content actually blocks the path to more attendee-focused and learner-centric conference experiences. This focus on content as the core of the conference creates a barrier that obstructs presenters. Most speakers freely acknowledge that the need to cover content strongly influences, and often dictates, their presentation decisions. Our allegiance to content has been dominated by one assumption: more is better. It is time to challenge that … [Read more...]

Disruptive Revolutionary Conferences Are Coming: The Need To Refocus On Our Customer

2013.10.17_Focus on the present

"If anyone is going to disrupt this industry, it is going to be us!" I love this quote from Smart Customers, Stupid Companies. I think more conference organizers should adopt it! Here’s my question for meeting professionals and conference organizers: Are you going to have “Smart Attendees, Stupid Conferences or Smart Attendees, Smart Conferences?” To paraphrase Smart Companies authors Michael Hinshaw and Bruce Kasanoff: Massive disruption is coming (and in many cases has already … [Read more...]

It Is Time To Revolutionize Conferences

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The traditional conference is in dire need of creativity, innovation and reinvention! It has been stuck in an ancient, out-dated rut for too long. Those planning and organizing conferences need to see themselves as creators and artists. As Seth Godin says in Linchpin, “An artist is someone who uses bravery, insight, creativity and boldness to challenge the status quo.” We need more conference organizers that plan and program from a position of creativity and courage and not from a … [Read more...]

The Evolution Of Onsite Conferences: 26 Trends Coming To An Event Near You

2013.08.28_Evolution - The Ride

The traditional conference meeting experience is out! People today are looking for unusual, new, innovative conference experiences. They don’t want to attend last year’s annual meeting that just changed the filler. They want something that feels as fresh as their first conference experience. They want an original experience. 26 Trends Coming Your Way Here are 26 conference trends coming to an event near you. 1. Increased Attendee Expectations Average is not enough. Status quo is … [Read more...]

Secrets For Growing Conference Sponsorship Revenues

2013.08.08_The Secret

Many conference and trade show organizers are focusing more attention on exhibit and sponsorship sales. Yet, the traditional revenue mix from exhibits and sponsorship is changing. More digital demonstration channels are being adopted and booth footprints are shrinking. The future opportunity is to shift reduced marketing spend from exhibitor booth square feet to more sponsorship. Bigger Deals, Fewer Buyers Recently, Dave and I had the pleasure of leading a session at the ASAE Annual … [Read more...]

Time For Your Conference Sponsorship To Grow Up

Note to self; Grow up (132365) -p by David, on Flickr

Has your conference sponsorship grown up? Or are you still offering first generation sponsorship that flashes logos on any and all available space at your conference venue? If you are, you have bought into the concept that displaying logos to masses of cynical consumers equals marketing return. Guess what, it doesn't! Four Generations Of Sponsorship Kim Skildum-Reid, one of the world's leading sponsorship mavens with more than 25 years of global sponsor experience, has written a white … [Read more...]